Paws reward system

Starting in 2018, a new point based system is being implemented! With these points you can get countless rewards, from digital illustrations to prints! And, the best part is everyone has access to these points! But calling them “points” is a bit boring, why don’t we call them 🐾paws instead?

How does it work?

For every commission, you get a certain amount of 🐾paws based on the commission type. Every time you purchase an illustration (or a sticker pack) you receive 1 🐾paw plus 1 additional 🐾paw for every $10 USD* (or $180 MXN, rounded down). Let’s see a few examples:

  • 1 basic colours illustration with 2 characters is worth 6 🐾paws.
    • 1 for the illustration itself.
    • 5 for its price, $58 USD.
  • A 12 sticker pack is worth 14 🐾paws.
    • 1 for the pack itself.
    • 13 for its price, $139 USD.

You can redeem these 🐾paws until after 6 months after your first purchase in this system. If you make a purchase during the month before the expiration date, it’s extended for one additional month.

*The amount of paws received is considering the final price of each piece, that is, including discounts. No paws are awarded if commissions are intended for commercial use, like (but not limited to) reselling artwork.


This is the current reward list:

  • 13 🐾paws: 1 postcard or sticker from the shop (up to $4 USD).
  • 19 🐾paws: single character digital illustration, fully coloured*.
  • 30 🐾paws: printed badge (flat colours) + 2 postcards of your choice from the shop.
  • 40 🐾paws: 1 Classic T-shirt of your choice from RedBubble.

*Must be clean. Doesn’t include background.

**Shipping not included.

***For people who purchased illustrations in 2018, the paw points cost of the first two rewards is 12 and 18 respectively, valid until March 2019.

For Patreon supporters

Rules change slightly for you. Every reward you receive (World Champ and World legend tiers) is worth 1 🐾paw, commissions are still worth 1 🐾paw but you get additional 🐾paws for every $8 USD (or $150 MXN, rounded down and not limited to any tiers).

For more rewards, go to Patreon where you can get countless free downloads and access to a lot more content!

Where can I find my current paws ballance?

You can always request it via e-mail only. This is to give you detailed information, including purchase history, expiration date, redeem history, and so on. Paws are tied to your legal name and Paypal e-mail address! These are non-transferable.*

*Your legal name, Paypal e-mail address and any other private information are never displayed publicly and is used exclusively for identification purposes.