What’s Licographics?

In the outside world, I am a coffee enthusiast, videogame fan (specially Pokémon, Splatoon and Ace Combat), photography practitioner, visual storyteller, fursuiter and professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer; currently living and working in México City.

In the furry world, I am Licos Aragón, a Mexican Wolf, adventurer, half-time villain and half-time hero; illusionist, king, werewolf and everything my imagination is able to create.

I am passionate about telling stories with detailed illustrations, making emotional connections with viewers, creating fantastic scenarios, characters, situations and so on! This has been heavily influenced by a variety of videogames throughout my life as a kid and the desire of composing (and illustrating) experimental stories, being unconventional in as many ways as possible. All of this slowly led me to becoming a furry, studying Grapic Design and an avid daydreamer.

In illustration, one of my main influences was Sugimori Ken (Pokémon), but by now they have changed a lot! I think now my greatest influences are Arashi Takemoto, Yasuda Suzuhito, Amano Shiro among others (in no particular order), including my friends!

Licos pen sketch

A while ago I used to in a company, as Internal Communications manager, Graphic Designer and Illustrator; creating images for social media, websites, e-mails and communication to the company’s community. Now I work independently for the Furry Fandom, helping with some social media mentoring to other fellow Illustrators and producing digital illustrations and designs for printing. In my spare time, I like to roam the city, play videogames, take my skectbook and doodle on it and take tons of photos!

I would love to work for a videogame as a concept illustrator and/or character designer, to mention a few of my prefered positions; a dream that started when I met Neopets, back in 2004 and is still alive today!

All work here is © of Licos Aragón.